生活,是由一個物件連著一個物件組合而成的結果. 美學,是一種毋須多言就能心神領會的感受. 品味,則是在空氣中不斷薰染開來的風氣. 設計,像是一場幽默的視覺遊戲,讓看似平凡的柴米油鹽都變得十分有趣.

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Karl Lagerfeld Unveils Pirelli Calendar in Moscow

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Karl Lagerfeld Unveils Pirelli Calendar in Moscow

by WWD Staff ,    Posted Tuesday November 30, 2010   ,   From WWD.COM

LAGERFELD’S DEITIES: Designer Karl Lagerfeld unveiled “Mythology,” the latest Pirelli calendar, at the Ritz-Carlton hotel here as temperatures plummeted to -16 C. Lagerfeld photographed models in his Paris studio for the coveted calendar, with each one posing as a different deity from ancient Rome and Greece. “I wanted to do something different. I looked at all the other calendars,” he said, adding his had a message “of timeless beauty and youth.” The calendar consists of 36 black-and-white images of 15 female models and 5 male models. Actress Julianne Moore is also photographed as Hera, the wife of Zeus. She was expected to attend a dinner tonight in honor of the launch at the Stanislavsky Theater. “With such a concept and boys and girls like this, it was an easy job,” said Lagerfeld, surrounded by models at a press conference. Lagerfeld described himself, slightly tongue in cheek, as “the visual version of [ancient Greek writer] Homer. I did with my camera what he did with his pen, although we understand that he probably didn’t use a pen.” “Pirelli is art, but with Karl it takes on a different level,” model/actress Elisa Sednaoui mused in a video screened at the launch.

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