生活,是由一個物件連著一個物件組合而成的結果. 美學,是一種毋須多言就能心神領會的感受. 品味,則是在空氣中不斷薰染開來的風氣. 設計,像是一場幽默的視覺遊戲,讓看似平凡的柴米油鹽都變得十分有趣.

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Mr. Ford Returns

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by Sarah Mower | photographed by Steven Meisel          copy by

Vogue GalleryVogue Gallery

 Vogue Gallery

Tom Ford’s comeback to womenswear after six years—­with a show achieved in spectacular style in New York on September 12—­is fashion meganews, not that he’s been sharing it with just anyone. The newly elusive former idol and inciter of the sexed-­up Gucci-­YSL nineties is doing things differently this time. He objects to the way the Internet eats up fashion images before the clothes can be bought. He despises sections of the press. Private and formal are terms he favors now. And he’d rather people didn’t “Tom” him anymore. At 49, he lets it be known he prefers “Mr. Ford.”

And here he is, being photographed by Steven Meisel the morning after he delivered the anti-publicity coup that threw bloggers, Twitterers, and reporters into a quagmire of frustration. His plans for his debut were so secret, even Julianne Moore, his close friend and star of his movie A Single Man, didn’t really know what she was letting herself in for when she turned up at his men’s store on Madison Avenue. “He asked me to do this six months ago, but I thought we’d just all be standing around at a cocktail or something. So when I got there and he said we had to walk, I said, ‘Holy cow!’ ”……………

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