生活,是由一個物件連著一個物件組合而成的結果. 美學,是一種毋須多言就能心神領會的感受. 品味,則是在空氣中不斷薰染開來的風氣. 設計,像是一場幽默的視覺遊戲,讓看似平凡的柴米油鹽都變得十分有趣.

NARS Pro Prime

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NARS Cosmetics will be fostering immaculate complexions in May, with introduction of their new collection – NARS Pro Prime. The line is designed to smooth skin, fill in fine lines, keep makeup in place, and give skin a jump start on perfection prior to makeup application.

Fittingly, the line is fronted by cute supermodel Marcel, brand-creator Francois Nars’ wrinkly-faced French bull dog. A big presence in makeup maestro’s life, Marcel leads a more whirlwind social life than many of the A-List celebrities, regularly hobnobbing with likes of Marc Jacobs and Daphne Guinness at cocktail parties, and jetting with Francois Nars to and from his private island in South Pacific.

nars pro prime collection fronted by Frenchie Marcel

Accompanied by quote “More than a Pretty Face,” Marcel stares from Pro Prime’s campaign photograph, wearing only a furry collar and his golden name tag, and reminding us that, like him, we can have imperfections but still look cute. Nars plans to release more photos of Marcel in coming weeks, along with tips on keeping your makeup long lasting, on their Facebook page.

Now coming to the collection. NARS Pro Prime Collection is launching on May 1st at Sephora with two products, Skin Smoothing Face Prep and Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

Face Prep is an all-rounder primer. Smoothen it on before your normal primer to mattify skin, or pat it on top of makeup to instantly stymie shine. You can also apply it to large pores, fine lines and rough spots for an instant smoothing effect. Its non-comedogenic, fragrance-free formula is infused with film-former and anti-caking agents that create temporary barrier on skin and ensure instant smoothness.

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base helps to prevent smudging, creasing and caking of powder. The formula uses a combination of polymers and mineral powder to create firm grip on color pigments and help eye makeup stay put, and it dries on contact while nourishing delicate eye lid.

The formula was previewed by Rihanna at Kids Choice Awards and Maggie Gyllenhaal just last night at Metropolitan Opera Gala Premiere, and needless to say, their makeup looked impeccable all night and not one Marcel-like wrinkle in sight.


Written by dester168

20/05/2010 於 08:43:04



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